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Our Mission

We are brought in this world not as equal but we believe, it is our duty to help the under privileged. Galaxy bazaar is an innovative approach towards social entrepreneurship – inspiring the young turks, directing the adolescence towards ethical business practices
and corporates social responsibilities we aspire to bridge the gap in the community, by providing quality education to the less gifted
kids of our society. Galaxy bazaar team focuses on educating the daughters of India.

What do we learn?



Handling Customers, third party dealers and wholesalers is very much important being a commerce student.


Understand demand and supply considering the festive season, managing the cash flow, managing fixed and varied costs and budgeting. This all practical lessons are experienced by us.

21st century skills.

Things like collaboration and team work, communication, time management, crisis management, honing emotional intelligence and also handling Tolerance is faced by us, which gives us the real time glimpse of how the whole world runs.

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